Principles when choosing an educational site

Over the past decade, the Internet has finally and irrevocably entered our lives. The morning cup of coffee is accompanied by viewing the news, we spend the evenings watching movies and surfing the tape, even the work of many of us is inextricably linked to the World Wide Web. How to make the time spent in front of the screen, do not pass in vain?

Now there is a huge number of sites, blogs and websites for self-education. The choice is so diverse that even the most demanding people will like at least one or two. Someone prefers to read the information, someone needs illustrating explanations, and someone listens and watches the video. However, finding something you really need is not so easy.

Here are some criteria for choosing the most suitable platform for education

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of new knowledge from various fields. The downside is that such knowledge is too much and it is very difficult to understand the abundance of such resources. We have selected the most interesting, in our opinion, sites that will give you knowledge completely free of charge. You just should pay attention at:

  • the presence of the blog from the author
  • the blog must have at least 50% of data you need

That means:

  1. If the author is fascinating, you subscribe to his or her blog;
  2. With the help of it you receive the piece of information that is useful in solving your problem;
  3. You can take his or her training course for the further development.

For example, if you want to learn to program, grow into an effective leader and just become the best version of yourself, you should get acquainted with the resources of the founder of WordStream and blogger Larry Kim.

Here us the list of the best internet resources for self-education

  1. Reddit Lectures(collection of the best lectures from top specialists, academics, government officials and leaders);
  2. Library of Congress(Whatever you want to study, whatever you want to know -you can always find the necessary books for this here);
  3. Boundless(here you can find school and university textbooks on-line for free);
  4. Google World Wonders(art, culture, adventures and amazing stories which are updated every day);
  5. UReddit(here you can find dozens of courses on various topics: art, programming, languages, mathematics, statistics and much more).

It is only the top-5 of the sites and platforms. There is a huge amount of educational resources that are worthy of attention. It should be mentioned that to use most of them, you need to know English well. How to choose the Internet Sites for learning English is the topic of our next article.

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