Types of sites

What are the types of sites

If you want to achieve success in any business, without your own website it will be quite difficult to do this. Your page on the Internet is one of the most important conditions for doing business in the modern business world.

But before ordering a page for your company, you need to understand what kind of site you need.

What are the sites?

1.Business card website

It should be brief, clear and the most important information about you, your field of activity, interests. You should not overload your business card site with information that a potential client or partner may not need.

Business card site is:

  • convenient means for probing the soil of the market;
  • not expensive;
  • quickly;
  • beneficial for organizations whose business is not carried out on the Internet.

2.Corporate site

A more serious type of representation of the company on the Internet are corporate sites. This is a must-have tool for a successful business of any company. First of all, sites of this kind help to form a positive image of the company, attract new customers who may not know about the existence of your company in the market, and, accordingly, expand the market of the company. With the help of the corporate website, customers and customers receive information on prices for goods and services in a convenient way. You can significantly increase profits by providing the opportunity to place orders to your customers directly on the Internet, on your page.

So, the corporate site is:

  • proof of the seriousness and prospects of your business;
  • worthy representation of your company in the market;
  • the cheapest and most popular way to advertise your business;
  • conveniently and commercially justified.

3.Promo site

An excellent promotional tool can serve as a promotional site. Especially if you are planning to conduct an advertising campaign for a particular product or service (event …). The structure of the promotional site itself must serve as an advertising brochure or booklet, and attract the attention of customers. Also on this site you can put the information that does not fit on the page of the magazine, in a radio message, a television spot. The volume of the promo-site – up to 10 pages on which you can place information about the company, activity, promoted service, contact details. Separately, information is given about the action, indicating the dates and venue, conditions of participation, news, etc.

Promo site is:

  • using the power of the Internet to influence the target audience;
  • reports to potential customers maximum information about the product or service;
  • powerful and effective tool for advertising the company and its individual products.

Showcase website

The budget option for advertising your company is a showcase site. If you want to sell on the Internet one particular product or group of products, then this type of site is perfect for you. On these pages there is all the information necessary for the client to see, become interested and buy this product, without being distracted by the news and links. This is a structured product catalog of your company. But this catalog is organized in such a way (photo, description, price) so that the client can make as few clicks as possible in order to find the right product. The main purpose of the showcase site is to sell.

Website showcase for you is:

  • maximum profit with minimum investment of forces and assets;
  • stable income;
  • positive image of the company.

Online store

Unlike the showcase site, where the customer can see the availability of all products, using the online store, the customer can also make an order, select the calculation option, the method of receiving the order, and receive an invoice. Such a website should be convenient and functional, so that the visitor can easily find what he needs, send the goods to the basket and place a purchase in a few clicks. The online store will significantly reduce your costs, since you do not need to rent a room for the store, you do not have to pay salaries to employees. Among other advantages: a huge audience, the ability to place an unlimited range of products, respond to changes in the market in a timely manner, take into account customer needs and others.

Online store is:

  • new business opportunities;
  • expansion of the market;
  • attracting a wide audience of customers;
  • cost reduction.

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